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613 blonde hair? It also can be colorful!

Do you have a 613 blonde human hair wig? Have you ever tried to dye the blonde wig to another color? Yes, the blonde wig is the most manageable, when you are tired of the blonde color, you can just color it as you like. No need to bleach the hair, you can dye it […]

Quick hairstyle with the headband wigs

In a rush in the morning? Will be late for a date? Then you may need a headband wig! The headband wig is a half wig with a silk band attached, no glue, no lace, very quickly and easy to install, so, when you don’t have much time to do your hair style, it’s a […]

Get the highlight curly wig to achieve the same look of Beyonce!

Beyonce is a famous signer, loved by many loyal fans all over the world. Girls admire her, not only because of her nice songs, but also for her fashionable style. One of her most popular style is with the highlight curly hair, which has been a classical one in vogue. Are you also excited to […]

Get the vibrant summer look–Try the bob wig!

The hot summer is here! Are you tired of the long black hair? If so, just come and try the colored bob wigs, the vibrant colors like red, blonde, grey, blue, etc, will make your summer more interesting! The lace front bob wigs, the closure bob wigs, the t part lace bob wigs , the […]

How to do haircare for human hair wigs?

The hair care can well extend the life of a wig, so, how to do hair care properly is very important to keep the wig in good condition. Now, let’s share some tips for you to make your wig vibrant. How To Wash Human Hair Lace Front Wigs? Comb the hair gently with wide tooth […]

How to Choose the Right Lace Color to Match Your Scalp

It must be frustrating to buy a lace wig only to find that the lace color does not match your skin tone. Picking the wrong lace color is a common mistake that wig wearers make. FOUR NORMAL LACE COLORSHere are our four normal lace colors: Transparent: Ideal for people with light and fair complexion. It […]

Lace Wig Cap Construction Types

Lace Wig Cap Construction Types There are four main kinds of cap constructions, full lace cap, 360 lace cap, lace front cap and T part lace cap, if you’d like to compare the differences between them. Here we list all the cap constructions below so you can learn more well. FULL LACE CAP WITH EAR […]

Hair Extensions Care: Tips and Tricks

Hair Extensions are a fantastic way to get a fabulous head of hair. They add length to your hair and pump up the volume, so you can have flawless locks. What we love about hair extensions is that you can cut and trim them as your desire to achieve the perfect look, but they do […]

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