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How to do haircare for human hair wigs?

The hair care can well extend the life of a wig, so, how to do hair care properly is very important to keep the wig in good condition. Now, let’s share some tips for you to make your wig vibrant.

How To Wash Human Hair Lace Front Wigs?

  • Comb the hair gently with wide tooth comb or fingers to tangle free before washing
  • Add mild shampoo to the warm water then soak the wig into it and wash the clear up gently
  • Apply conditioner to the warm water then soak the wig, and leave it at leastet 10 minutes
  • Soak and wash in fresh water absorb the water with tower then let the hair dry naturally, then keep the style with your hand and put the wig on the support.

You should pay attention not only to the washing of a wig, but also the comb on it.

Here’s the tips for you to comb different wig styles:

If you want to comb the straight human hair wigs, or natural wave human hair wigs, you can choose a wide-tooth-comb.

Or if you want to make the curly lace wigs, deep wave wigs and yaki human hair wigs more smooth, you can just use your own fingers to comb them.

As long as you take proper hair care to your human hair wigs, they can be lasted to 1-2 years without problem! Or if you have other opinions, welcome to share with us~

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