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Get the vibrant summer look–Try the bob wig!

The hot summer is here! Are you tired of the long black hair? If so, just come and try the colored bob wigs, the vibrant colors like red, blonde, grey, blue, etc, will make your summer more interesting! The lace front bob wigs, the closure bob wigs, the t part lace bob wigs , the machine made bob wigs, there will be one which can meet your requirement.


  1. Lace front bob wigs: The lace part is bigger than the t part bob wig, the length is 13 inch from ear to ear, 4 inch or 6 inch from front to top. The lace front bob wig is more comfortable, natural and breathable than the t part bob wig or machine made bob wig.

2. Lace closure bob wigs: The lace part is a closure shape, usually, the lace space is 4×4 inch, so that the wig can be middle parted or side parted. In summer, the lace can make you feel more comfortable.

3. T part bob wigs: The lace is a “T” shape, although the lace space is not as big as the lace front wig’s, it can also be middle parted, and the hairline is very natural. Besides, the price of a t part bob wig is lower than a lace front bob wig. It will be a great choice if your budget is not high:)

4. Machine made bob wigs: This is a non lace wig, all made made. The biggest advantage is the price is much more competative than a lace front bob or a t part bob wig. Now the working skills is much improved, a machine made bob wig also has a natural hairline and part line. You can choose more colors with the same money than the lace wigs.

You can choose one style that is suitable for you, so, which one do you like?

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