How To Style

How To Style Long Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the easiest way to reinvent your looks instantly. Just put your hair extensions on and you’re a different person, within minutes hair extensions transforms your looks. Let’s see how you can create new styles with your long hair extensions.

Tools you’ll need for styling hair extensions

1.) Hair Extensions.
2.) Hair Spray.
3.) Hair Care Products.
4.) Hair Extensions Friendly Iron
5.) Blow-dryer.
6.) Hair Clips.
7.) Hair Brush or Comb.

How to Style?

You can do anything with hair extensions, most of our hair extensions are remy hair extensions and they’re made of human hair. So you can do anything with hair extensions that you can do with your own natural hair.

You can color hair extensions as you color your own hair and this will not damage your own hair.

You can curl them as you create nice curls with your own hair; just use a hair extensions friendly curling iron. This will help hair extensions lasts longer.

You can perm them as you perm your own hair, just be gentle when doing so.

You can straighten them as you want, just use a hair extension friendly flat iron. That way it’ll last longer.

You can use any hair care product you want, just make sure they are hair extensions friendly. Hair extensions friendly products will be helpful for your extensions and will help them last long.